Meet the Author

Daniel Hardman was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in Tulsa, OK. He always loved words and at the age of four he told his mother one day he would write a book. In elementary school, Dan was drawn to books about great African Americans—Frederick Douglas, Mary McLeod Bethune, Shirley Chisholm, Martin Luther King Jr., Harriet Tubman, and Malcolm X to name a few. Through these books he established a connection with the past that has only grown stronger over the years.

Dan was called into Christian ministry in 1988 while serving overseas in the US Air Force. In February 1993, Dan wrote the first of 23 essays that would become his first published work Essays from Church – Vol. 1, which he self-published in 2005. This work caused quite a stir in the black religious community because it challenged established beliefs, called for a re-examination of those beliefs, and demanded a redirection of black folks’ efforts guided by carefully designed strategies rather than inertia.

Shortly after publishing Essays from Church, Vol. I, Dan conceived an idea for a new Bible. It would be a radical departure from traditional bibles in that it would contain only two scriptures—Love God with all your heart, mind and soul; and love your neighbor as yourself—and allow each individual to make personal entries thus becoming part of a new story. Finally, in 2017, after years of contemplation, he published the 21st Century Bible.

All of Dan’s works draw on life experiences—his and those around him. He is convinced that by bringing new interpretations to bear on the past we can create new solutions for the complicated problems facing African Americans.

As stated earlier, Dan served in Christian ministry for seven years. He’s been a contributing writer for Afromerica (, the Black Market (, featured in The New England Informer (, and The Liberty Bell (newsletter for Atlanta Consultant AfterCare, Inc. Dan has hosted two radio talk shows: Renewing Our Minds heard on KGGR 1040AM (1999); and Afromerica Morning Talk heard on the Afromerica Radio Network. He graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of North Texas in May 2006. His column, the (still) Burning Bush, ran in the Oklahoma Eagle, one of the nation’s oldest weekly publications, from 2007-2017. He’s currently working on Essays from Church, Vol. II anticipating publication in summer 2019.